7th Sky | Know the truth about Vicodin addiction
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Know the truth about Vicodin addiction

Know the truth about Vicodin addiction

Vicodin abuse is prevalent in the U.S. That’s because it is a pain medication that is frequently prescribed by doctors. Vicodin can be prescribed for all sorts of pains such as broken bones or toothaches. The easy accessibility of it also makes the cases involved with Vicodin addiction and overdose much more likely. Vicodin is an Opioid drug that was prescribed more than 150 million times in 2010. People form Vicodin addictions because as they take their prescriptions for pain, they begin developing a higher tolerance for the drug and its effects. Vicodin addiction can be spotted through a few telltale behavioral patterns such as memory loss, problems with focusing, stealing Vicodin, or spending unnecessary money on it.


Vicodin addiction like many other drug addictions can lead to terrible health complications in the long run after extended use. People who take Vicodin and other hydrocodone long-term can suffer from problems with anxiety, liver and kidney issues, mood changes and increased sensitivity to pain.


Vicodin withdrawal symptoms occur when hydrocodone is no longer provided to you, and your body now has to fight off this dependence. Side effects of Vicodin withdrawals include vomiting, insomnia, stomach cramps, and muscle aches. You usually only experience withdrawals after long term effects, but some people have reported feeling some Vicodin withdrawal after just short term use. The withdrawals generally subside after just a few days, but if you’ve been addicted for an extended period, then it may take a couple of weeks for the drug to leave your system and for you to start feeling normal again.


There are also specific home remedies that you can research online that could help if you or a friend if struggling with Vicodin addiction. The problem is a lot of people think they can manage their addictions until their addictions eventually take over which almost always happens. Vicodin overdoses are very real, and a lot of people suffer from them yearly due to improper use of Vicodin. You need to exercise extreme caution when taking any medication, and if you feel like you’re becoming addicted, you should seek out either professional help or the help of some who loves and supports you.


It is reported that medical detox is the best way to get over a Vicodin addiction. Medical detox is one of the most challenging things for addicts to do during rehab because you’ll be dealing with intense physical withdrawal systems depending on how deep you were into addiction. It can be excruciating to experience your body cleansing itself and getting rid of all the dependencies it had. But if you can make it through this tough process, you’ll come out on the other side feeling amazing and accomplished. Because beating addiction is never an easy task, but it can be done.