7th Sky | What Is 7th Sky?
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What Is 7th Sky?

We’re part of a global network of support groups that offer recovery through a 12 step program. We meet weekly to help you on your road to recovery, providing support, discussion, and counseling.

We believe that one of the most useful tools in any recovery program is the support of another addict. Sometimes, the only other person who can really understand what you’re going through is someone who is going through the same experience as you.


Who Can Join?

This isn’t an exclusive club. We’re open to anyone who wants to stop using drugs. That’s our only requirement. And it doesn’t matter what type of drug problem you have. Our doors are open to you. We’ll help you open up, admit you have a problem, and forgive yourself. Once you’ve done that, you begin the recovery process.

Your Privacy

We know that recovery is very personal. That’s why we value complete anonymity. We want you to feel safe and willing to share during meetings.  We know that if our members don’t feel like their privacy is protected, they won’t be ready to open up, which we believe is crucial to the recovery process. Recovery is nothing to be ashamed of, but we know that it is your decision on who you share your story with.

We’re Open to Everyone

No matter your race, religion, age, or language, we want to work with you. Our members come from all different walks of life. We believe that this diversity is a strength, building a community of people who share one purpose: recovering from drugs.

We know that starting the recovery process is hard. That’s why we encourage you to give us a try. Come to a meeting and see if it’s right for you.