7th Sky | 12 Step Recovery Program At 7th Sky Recovery Center
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The 12 step program has been appraised for decades as a standard for the treatment of any form of addiction and one of the oldest methods applied in the improvement of physical and mental health. The 12 steps framework progressively accosts addiction from the perception of the patient.

The 12 step program was formed by the pioneers of Alcohol Anonymous, initially to circumvent the cravings and compulsive behavior for substances or even an addictive lifestyle by clinging to a higher frame of thought, which is based on spiritual principles.

The 12 steps of AA gained numerous successes since its inception and have widely been adopted by many other addiction groups. Different addictions have tailored 12 steps of recovery that address its intricacies- from debtors anonymous to narcotic anonymous.

What Are the 12 Steps All About?

Typically, the 12 step programs are adaptations of spirituality with an emphasis on the existence and presence of God. Members of the group are enlightened on religious beliefs and mentored on self-discovery practices.

The 12 principles of AA also come with guidelines governing the adaptation into the group. These rules are known as the AA twelve traditions. The twelve steps and twelve traditions go hand in hand to form a fully functional, collaborative support system for a defined recovery plan.

What are the 12 Step Addiction Treatment Programs?

Recovery from addiction, in many cases, is life long, and there is a need to follow the most effective approach to ensure that the results are sturdy and consistent. Those that undergo the NA 12 steps are able to discover during the process, what really works for them. In some cases, individuals may take each of the 12 steps of NA one after the other, while in other cases, one might take on more than one step during the process. The frameworks of the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous are as follows:

  1. First step recovery begins by owning up to powerlessness over alcohol addiction- that alcoholism had become unmanageable.
  2. Realize that there is a force greater than us and complete submission to that power could restore our physical and mental balance
  3. Understand the powerful force (God), and make a decision to live consciously
  4. Take inventory of one’s self and take action to improve.
  5. Admit our wrongs both to other people and to God
  6. Allow ourselves to be cleansed of shortcomings and inadequacies.
  7. Surrender to the will of God, and seeking a manifestation of behavioral changes
  8. Create a list of people whom we may have had problems with or hurt in the past and be willing to make amends
  9. Make amends with these people except in situations where doing so would lead to any form of violence.
  10. Continue self-assessment and admit our previous faults.
  11. Work on self-consciousness through prayers and meditations to maintain spiritual connections with God, understanding his will and living by his instructions.
  12. The final step is a spiritual awakening springing from the progress made in all previous steps. These principles and practices make up the AA twelve steps.

How 12 Steps and 12 Traditions Can Help People In Recovery?

The 12 tradition explicitly addresses the members of AA as a unified group; this is different than the twelve steps, which are mainly about the individual’s personal addiction. The twelve traditions are adapted to unite, build relationships, create purpose, give authority, and discreteness to the group in its quest to commit to an addiction recovery plan. In general, the 12 and 12 focus on personal and group welfare and building principles in order to commit to healing and personal development.

Recovering from alcoholism and other forms of addiction alone can be very challenging, especially as an outpatient surrounded by temptations and triggers on a daily basis. With the ever-increasing cases of relapse, the 12 steps and 12 traditions have proven to be one of the most effective ways to maintain sobriety. The goal is to support, educate, inform, and assist people struggling with addiction, helping them achieve recovery and freedom from substance abuse and other addictions.

How effective is the 12 Step Model in Our Center?

Being surrounded by all the care and support as well as a proactive system tailored to meet and exceed individual needs is important for recovery. The success story of our twelve steps recovery program has been commendable. We provide an atmosphere for recovery where patients thrive on encouragement, accountability, and compassionate guidance to help them beat their addiction.